As we are nine days into the New Year and after the years 2020 and 2021 gave some large pills to swallow with Covid-19. It is undoubtedly has become harder to say the “New Year, New Me” mantra with the hope that things are going to get better to even set or accomplish 2022 goals.

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Here are some tips that can help you reach your goals this year.

  1. Have one big goal and break them into smaller accomplishments:

For example, if your goal is to pay off your debt depending on the debt this may become overwhelming and essentially there is more of a chance that you will keep at this. So, focusing on a specific debt for example. If the goal is to pay down credit card debt if there are multiple cards focus on one card a quarter so that every three months you are one small step closer to the main goal of getting out of credit card debt. This is the same for starting a saving goal also, setting small goals every quarter will feel more attainable than having one big goal which can feel.

2. Don’t forget your why:

Accomplishing a goal is tough and during these times it doesn’t feel as if things are going to get easier anytime soon. It is vital that you do not for the why. The reason why you set this goal to begin with always keep this in mind. Think about how you would feel when you accomplish this goal and remember every step toward that is living the kind of life that you dream of.

3. Celebrate the small wins:

Going back to the first suggestion of breaking your large goals into smaller goals. Celebrate accomplishing the smaller goals. Celebrate that you were able to exercise three times this week as you planned to or that you stuck to your budget this week. Doesn’t mean that you should eat a giant slice of chocolate cake after a power walk or go on a shopping spree after meeting your savings goals but acknowledging that you are one step closer to your main goal.

4. Do not let setbacks keep you from moving forward:

As with anything, there will be setbacks it is a part of the process. However, how we handle them will determine if we are able to move forward in the process. This is overused in many situations, but it doesn’t make it less true, your mindset is important to overcome obstacles. If you see the setback as temporary and this does not determine if you accomplish your goals or to move forward. However, if this is seen as permanent then your goals are no longer attainable. There are many theories, books, podcasts, and YouTube videos on the subject however it all leads to the same principle your mindset determines the outcome.

5. Find a group of likeminded people to be around:

It’s hard to accomplish something when no one is rooting for you which is the case of many. If this is the case for you find a group to join even virtually where there are those who have similar goals as you and will encourage you to move forward. Facebook groups, a friend that is your accountability partner, or even Clubhouse. Yes, Clubhouse the app it’s more than a place where celebrities go to yell about events that happened over ten years ago it’s a great networking tool and a way to meet like-minded people.

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