China Extends Crypto Transaction Ban

Friday, September 24th Bloomberg News reported that the People’s Bank of China has extended the crypto ban from Bitcoin to all digital currencies as they are not fiat currencies and cannot be circulated. This has been extended to mining crypto as well, as a result, Bitcoin’s price fell 8% as a result of the news. This comesContinue reading “China Extends Crypto Transaction Ban”

From Investing to Mining

A cryptocurrency Investing Journey The idea of investing in cryptocurrency is very polarizing, either investor are all in or have total fear of this. Though this has been around since 2009 with the founding of Bitcoin it is now become popular with celebrities and influencers encouraging people to invest in Bitcoin, Dogecoin and others. WhatContinue reading “From Investing to Mining”

The Dogecoin Effect

Are public figures problematic for investors? Crypto has taken more than a few hits almost tanking the market. However, this is not stopping public figures from public backing their favorite coins influencing new and seasoned investors to invest. After the projections of Dogecoin reaching one dollar at the beginning of May, public figures such asContinue reading “The Dogecoin Effect”

Is Crypto Really Worth It?

You can’t go anywhere nowadays without hearing the words Dogecoin, Robinhood, and Bitcoin all three associated with Cryptocurrency. Something that is popular but not many knows what cryptocurrency is. Google defines Cryptocurrency as a form of payment used for goods and services, just like money, but not exactly. Unlike the U.S. Dollar, Cryptocurrency is notContinue reading “Is Crypto Really Worth It?”