person holding camera with lens facing towards man wearing a coat

When I decided to start recording my fitness journey the first place I went to was YouTube however it became difficult to find videos that had this exact topic. In this video, I go over the equipment, tips, and recommended software.


I use both an iPhone and my Sony A6400 to film depending on where I am filming. I also use this mini tripod from Amazon and the phone mount that is pictured in the thumbnail below. I find it easier to navigate while I’m out filming.


Distance- if you are wanting to have your full body shot, please ensure that there is enough distance between yourself so that you are in the shot completely

Don’t forget to test a few shots before you continue the worst thing that can happen if you go through with your whole vlog or workout and you only have footage from the waist up or down instead of your full body. Take time to adjust the camera when you need to and continue.


iMovie -for Apple products only

Splice– app for both Apple and Android users videos can be formatted for multiple platforms

Adobe Premier– good for PCs and mobile devices

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