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Here’s What You Should Do Instead.

December is approaching quickly and with this comes the New Year’s Resolutions starting January 1st. According to Discover Daily Habits after week one 75% of those who have made a New Year’s Resolution actually keep their resolutions, after one month this drops to 64% and after six months only 4% are actually successful in achieving the goals. Mostly because the goals are too vague or too large which causes overwhelm and eventually give up.

Though this is disheartening to read there is hope. You can start this now instead of waiting until January causing pressure to stick with your resolutions. Here are some things to incorporate now to have a great start to 2023.

  • A Head Start

Having a head start will give you the confidence you need to continue throughout December, January, and the rest of the first quarter. This will become a part of your routine becoming a lifestyle change.

  • Small Changes

Having a large goal or an ending in your mind is wonderful but can possibly be overwhelming. Having 1 or 2 small goals or micro goals that coincide with your main goal will be easier to integrate into your current lifestyle.  

  • Accountability

This has been said a million times but remembers your ‘why’. There is always the main reason why we want to make changes in our lives. Make sure there is a way to keep this documented. There are plenty of ways such as a vision board, planner/journal, or habit tracker, and having an early start to this can be the boost that keeps you going forward.

  • Consistency

Though the wave of enthusiasm is there in the first week of the new year, this won’t last. There will be a time when you are unmotivated, or there is a life event that may take you off track, it is important to be as consistent as we can through these times. We will thank ourselves in the long when looking back on the journey.

  • Embrace The Journey

Changing part of any aspect of our lives is one completely can be one of the most difficult and overwhelming tasks to take on. Remember there will be highs and lows and it is important to embrace every part of this even if somehow you get

Happy 2023

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