health workers wearing face mask

Just as Omicron is spreading across the globe it has just been discovered that a new Covid variant B.1.640.2 has been reported in France with several cases reported. Wales Online reported that this has been named “IHU” and is mostly in the Marseille area.

Not much is known about the variant at this time or if this new variant would be resistant to the vaccine or the boosters.

However, according to France 24 Omicron had become the main Covid variant with reporting a total of multiple days of 20,000 new cases. France as well as many countries have been struggling with regaining normalcy after the pandemic and with the announcement of mandatory mask-wearing outside and the promotion of the vaccinations and booster shots amongst other regulations according to the New York Times.

The New York Times also reported that residents of France just as most of the world are losing hope that daily life is going to return to the even close to the pre-pandemic days as there are have been a reported 206,243 new cases as of December 31st.

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